MAJ 2021

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Płyty CD z serii „Unesco collection of traditional music” : AZJA

UNES08284 Afghanistan: Female Musicians of Herat
UNES08320 Afghanistan: Music During the Civil War (1979-2001)
UNES08266 Afghanistan: The Traditional Music of Herât
UNES08045 Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani Mugam
UNES08046 Bahrain: Fidjeri: Songs of the Pearl Divers
UNES08077 Bengal: Bengali Traditional Folk Music
UNES08068 Cambodia: Folk and Ceremonial Music
UNES08011 Cambodia: Royal Music
UNES08071 China
UNES08209 China: Chuida Wind and Percussive Instrumental Ensembles
UNES08031 Hong Kong: Instrumental Music
UNES08033 India: North Indian Folk Music
UNES08267 India: Vicitra Vina – The Music of Pandit Lalmani Misra
UNES08270 Anthology of Indian Classical Music: A Tribute to Alain Daniélou
UNES08283 North India: Dhrupad Singing by Ustad F. Wasifuddin Dagar
UNES08021 North India: Instrumental Music – Rudra Veena, Vichitra Veena, Sarod, Shahnai
UNES08017 North India: Instrumental Music – Sitar, Flute, Sarangi
UNES08205 North India: Instrumental Music of Mediaeval India
UNES08076 North India: Vocal music – Dhrupad and Khyal
UNES08311 South India: Ranganayaki Rajagopalan—Continuity in the Karaikudi Vina Style


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i ; przekład cyklu wierszy Wilhelma Müllera “Podróż zimowa” Jacek Dehnel.